Thursday, March 22, 2007

Base Trail: WF-100 Mile 98

The top of the Base Trail is mile 98 along the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run
The easiest access to the cache is from the Visitor Center of Wasatch State Park. From the parking lot follow the trail heading South. Cross the road, turn left on a dirt road to reach the trailhead. Follow the trail heading uphill. You will cross over an old dirt road, head up through the trees. You will cross over another wide path and continue up to the sign indicating the Base Trail goes to the right. Eventually you will emerge from the trees, cross a meadow and end up on top of the ridge. Head uphill and you will be very close to the cache. It is a small tupperware hidden next to a rock outcrop at the base of a small maple tree. It is well covered with rocks. If you wish to make a loop out of the hike, head down the ridge bypassing the Base Trail until you reach the next trail heading off the ridge. This is the official Ridge Trail which takes you back to the sign you saw earlier.
Phew. Nice hike. It was 1.4 miles up and 1.6 miles back to make the loop. The trail was pretty muddy in spots, and still had snow on it in the shadowy areas. So it made for an interesting hike. There was one area that had a vernal pond (only there in the spring) with hundreds of spring peepers (frogs) sounding their chorus. It was very cool.

I just took a couple of pictures along the trail, and then forgot to take one of the actual cache. What a goof. Oh well, here are some of the views.

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